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Central KY Driving School offers Driver Education Classes as well as Behind the Wheel Driving Instruction for Teens and Adults. We are located in Fayette County and serve students from all over Kentucky.

Driving Lessons in Lexington, KY


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Driver Education Classes

Prepare for Written Permit Test

Behind The Wheel Instruction

Sessions Available

Driving Lessons for Teens

From the safest car seat to the safest sports equipment, as parents we do what it takes to protect our kids. Now that it’s time for Drivers Ed, Central KY Driving School can help you take steps to equip your teen to be a safe driver. Oh, and since we are the ones doing the instructing, we’d like to think we are helping to preserve the parent-teen relationship too. You’re welcome.

Driving Lessons for Adults

Many of our students are adults, so no, you’re not the only one. Not driving can be a huge obstacle in day-to-day life and getting your license can open up a new world of opportunities, so we are here to help! We know our adult students don’t have as many opportunities to practice as our teen students do, so after your first session we can discuss a plan for moving forward. Starting with the 6 Hour Program is a good start, and additional sessions can be added if needed.

What We Do: Behind the Wheel Instruction

Central KY Driving School offers Behind the Wheel Instruction located in Fayette County for Teens and Adults. All lessons begin and end at our office. Our routes are designed to include the necessary elements needed as we take the student through the progression of our Behind the Wheel Curriculum. Students train in one of our Certified Training Vehicles, which are equipped with a passenger side brake and other required safety features.


Our Behind the Wheel Curriculum Includes:

Vehicle Control


Mirror Use

Rules of the Road


Making Observations

Defensive Driving

Lane Changes

Traffic Merging

Downtown Driving

Parallel Parking

Turn About

All the technical Skills Necessary for the Road Test

Classroom Instruction: Preparing for the Written Test

The written permit test is based on the information contained in the Kentucky Driver Manual. This 75 page document can be a lot to sort out, especially for someone who has never driven before. We offer classroom instruction to help breakdown the main components of the manual and give your student a better understanding of the material prior to taking the test.


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